Hiring a Freelance Writing Company or Not?

By Vince Haywood

Why would I hire the services of freelance writing companies? If you've been contemplating hiring a freelance writing company to assist you with your writing projects, the aforementioned question should be addressed immediately. Before going ahead with anything, answering this question should be your first order of business.

Freelance writing is being used by businesses everywhere and one of the main reasons why these freelance services are being employed is because many business owners don't have the time or personnel to perform these duties. This has increased the demand for freelance writers or companies per se.

Another reason would be on account of their lack of qualifications for writing themselves. Freelance writing is definitely a skill which requires proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and originality. Without these skills your project would be useless and won't serve any purpose at all; other than rewriting, which is another service provided through freelance writing companies.

Many companies are also interested in fresh and unique voices for their content or articles. In the world of freelance writing, it's said that "Content is King". Whoever coined the phrase hit the nail right on the head. Without proper content that's especially unique and original, it could be useless as well. Hiring someone with these skills and expertise is vital for the success of many businesses.

And finally, you need a freelance writing company that's experienced in writing non-objective reviews of products or services. In the world of internet and article marketing reviews carry a great deal of weight; therefore, it's critical that businesses find someone who's versatile and flexible in the freelance writing industry.

If you are planning on looking for a company that can do all of this and more than you need to look at a few companies and select the best one for your needs. - 33396

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Want to Make Money Writing?

By Sue LaPointe

You can make money writing articles from anywhere. Because Internet marketers have a nearly insatiable appetite for well-written articles they can use to get more traffic to their websites. In order to get organic website traffic, online marketers pay freelance writers to create hundreds of articles month after month. They know article marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive qualified traffic to their websites.

With basic writing skills, a computer, and an Internet connection, anyone can make money writing articles. You don't need an English degree, website, portfolio, client list, or paid experience as a writer. You'll enjoy being a freelance writer if you like to read and write. For many people, writing comes so naturally to them that it almost seems too good to be true that they could get paid for something so easy.

You can find clients on freelance job sites like Guru, Elance, and dozens of others. It can take a few weeks to get your first project, but you can speed up that process by bidding on projects regularly. Once you land your first project, make sure to follow all your client's direction and specifications. If you do a good job, it's likely your clients will return again and again for more articles.

While there are clients out there who want to pay no more than a few dollars per article, there are plenty of clients who know they'll get what they pay for. Many freelance writers earn $25 and up per article. With practice, it's easy to create three to five articles within an hour. That means a freelancer can earn $100 per hour or more writing articles.

You can find writing clients by attending marketing seminars, too. Internet marketers invest a lot of time and money in continuing education, and by attending live training events, you may be able to connect with new clients who need your services.

You can provide extra value to your clients by offering to perform article submission services for them. Having the articles is only part of a solid article marketing campaign - they must be submitted online in order to get results. While the process of submission isn't exactly exciting or creative, it's easy and if you create a system for doing it efficiently, you'll be able to provide this add-on service and help your clients get even better results.

Once you've mastered writing simple articles, you can expand your writing services to provide even more to your clients. These same buyers likely also need press releases, ebooks, sales copy, and website copy. They may also need print materials such as brochures and direct mail pieces. With all these projects, it's easier than ever to make money writing. - 33396

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