Hiring a Freelance Writing Company or Not?

By Vince Haywood

Why would I hire the services of freelance writing companies? If you've been contemplating hiring a freelance writing company to assist you with your writing projects, the aforementioned question should be addressed immediately. Before going ahead with anything, answering this question should be your first order of business.

Freelance writing is being used by businesses everywhere and one of the main reasons why these freelance services are being employed is because many business owners don't have the time or personnel to perform these duties. This has increased the demand for freelance writers or companies per se.

Another reason would be on account of their lack of qualifications for writing themselves. Freelance writing is definitely a skill which requires proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and originality. Without these skills your project would be useless and won't serve any purpose at all; other than rewriting, which is another service provided through freelance writing companies.

Many companies are also interested in fresh and unique voices for their content or articles. In the world of freelance writing, it's said that "Content is King". Whoever coined the phrase hit the nail right on the head. Without proper content that's especially unique and original, it could be useless as well. Hiring someone with these skills and expertise is vital for the success of many businesses.

And finally, you need a freelance writing company that's experienced in writing non-objective reviews of products or services. In the world of internet and article marketing reviews carry a great deal of weight; therefore, it's critical that businesses find someone who's versatile and flexible in the freelance writing industry.

If you are planning on looking for a company that can do all of this and more than you need to look at a few companies and select the best one for your needs. - 33396

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Want to Make Money Writing?

By Sue LaPointe

You can make money writing articles from anywhere. Because Internet marketers have a nearly insatiable appetite for well-written articles they can use to get more traffic to their websites. In order to get organic website traffic, online marketers pay freelance writers to create hundreds of articles month after month. They know article marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive qualified traffic to their websites.

With basic writing skills, a computer, and an Internet connection, anyone can make money writing articles. You don't need an English degree, website, portfolio, client list, or paid experience as a writer. You'll enjoy being a freelance writer if you like to read and write. For many people, writing comes so naturally to them that it almost seems too good to be true that they could get paid for something so easy.

You can find clients on freelance job sites like Guru, Elance, and dozens of others. It can take a few weeks to get your first project, but you can speed up that process by bidding on projects regularly. Once you land your first project, make sure to follow all your client's direction and specifications. If you do a good job, it's likely your clients will return again and again for more articles.

While there are clients out there who want to pay no more than a few dollars per article, there are plenty of clients who know they'll get what they pay for. Many freelance writers earn $25 and up per article. With practice, it's easy to create three to five articles within an hour. That means a freelancer can earn $100 per hour or more writing articles.

You can find writing clients by attending marketing seminars, too. Internet marketers invest a lot of time and money in continuing education, and by attending live training events, you may be able to connect with new clients who need your services.

You can provide extra value to your clients by offering to perform article submission services for them. Having the articles is only part of a solid article marketing campaign - they must be submitted online in order to get results. While the process of submission isn't exactly exciting or creative, it's easy and if you create a system for doing it efficiently, you'll be able to provide this add-on service and help your clients get even better results.

Once you've mastered writing simple articles, you can expand your writing services to provide even more to your clients. These same buyers likely also need press releases, ebooks, sales copy, and website copy. They may also need print materials such as brochures and direct mail pieces. With all these projects, it's easier than ever to make money writing. - 33396

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How Will Freelance Writing Help Your Business?

By Michele Perdue

Recession is affecting everyone but recession is especially affecting employers who are trying to cut costs. Employers who are trying to cut costs and maximize profits are finding it hard to find people to work for them for reasonable rates hence many employers are turning to outsourcing of departments.

Opting for freelance writing is one of the most common step taken by many employers in order to help their business succeed since freelance writing enables employers to not only save on space but also money. Free lance writers work from different locations around the world and large amounts of money can be saved on office space.

Free lance writers charge a fraction of the amount an in house writer would charge since the writers who opt for free lance writing are often located in countries where the cost of living is much lower than countries like USA. Contrary to the popular belief, it is actually possible to find good free lance writers from all over the world to work for a reasonable rate and most of these writers submit good quality work in a short span of time.

In order to access the quality of work submitted through the method of free lance writing, employers can ask for sample articles before the project begins and this method of judging candidates helps the employer select a suitable candidate for the job. Free lance writing allows employers to stay in touch with the writers through communication methods such as hiring websites and these hiring websites ensure that employers get value for their money.

The way you know you've got the best freelance writer is if they have samples of their writing on their website for you to view. A great writer loves to show off their work. Also look at the price of their work, if they are wanting $50 for an article then the article best bring in not just traffic but sales! Most freelance writers average price for an article of 600 words is between $4-$10 an article. In my opinion $10 is too much! I found a great team of US Writers that write high quality articles for $3.75 an article. Plus their articles brings me sales and lots of traffic! If you search hard enough you'll hook up with that special team that will give you high quality articles at affordable prices! If you want to check out the one I found visit http://wvwritingservices.com - 33396

Article Marketing Will Drive Traffic To Your Site

By Michele Perdue

First I know the one question that you have as you start to read this article; what in the world is article marketing? I am glad you ask since the purpose of this article is to explain the concept that is known as article marketing. Chances are that you have had interaction with article marketing and never even realized it. You went to Google put in the search terms article marketing and here you are at my article. That is article marketing at work.

As the popularity of the internet increases so does the need to have an effective marketing plan for your online business. You need and want customers to come and visit your site, regardless of what the content is you need traffic to make it popular. Simply you need to write articles that will direct people to your site and allow them to find you within the first couple of pages in their search, this is what article marketing does.

So now here you sit trying to figure out exactly how to get articles to market your site or how to do article marketing. You hate writing to begin with, now you have to do so in an effort to get people to see you. One thing you may want to consider is public domain articles. You can find articles that pertain to almost every niche in the world, all you have to do is make sure the article matches up with the site.

Now keep this in mind when either writing an article or using a public domain one for your article marketing, you need one that will keep the readers interest yet not put them to sleep with being too long. An article that is 400-600 words in length are the most effective. as it is long enough to grab the readers interest yet they don't feel like they are reading "Gone with the Wind."

Make sure that your article features the most important information towards the beginning of the article. This way if you do lose your reader they still got the most important information from your article. Again an article needs to be between 400-600 words in length. This is the most important thing when it comes to article marketing.

The last thing that you need to consider in article marketing is submitting your article to a submission directory, someplace like Articlesbase.com or something in that area. This will help in getting you exposure. It also will help in establishing you as an expert in a particular field.

There you have it the basics about article marketing in a nutshell, I hope you read this and find it of some use. Article marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to drive interested people to your business. If your strapped for time consider having a professional writing company write the articles for you. One that I know of that is very cheap in price but awesome in grabbing the readers attention is WV Writing Services. There you can get articles for under $4. They also offer submissions to thousands of directories as well. - 33396

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If You Want To See Your Website Traffic Grow Start Writing Now

By Tommy Walls

The most easy and cost effective way to advertise your website today is by writing. By Writing Articles and Press Releases you can drive lots of traffic to your website. One might ask how is writing going to put real customers on my site? It's simple once you start writing about your business you begin posting the articles to all of the different ezines on the internet. All of the people on the internet that visits these sites will start reading your articles and linking back to your website, giving you more quality traffic.

Writing articles does more than just providing you links to your website. Writing articles is also a great way to reach the community and share informative information about what your site has to offer. Whether it may be a product that will help someone out from dealing with a sickness or a product that will help their business grow if you start writing about it and posting the articles on the internet it's sure to drive quality traffic to your website.

Writing is not easy to do. Most of the time it takes professionals to get the job done right. The professional writers know what keywords to use to get the search engines to pick up on them and that will move your website listing on the search engines up. So the more writing you do the better your websites get ranked. However if you don't know what keywords and how to use the keywords in the article all of the writing will be done for nothing.

This is why the real internet marketers and guru's leave the writing up to the professional writers also know as the SEO freelance writers. If you was to search for freelance writers you would be overwhelmed with the number of writers claiming to be professional SEO writers. If your searching for a writing company that can provide you with 100% unique content that will get more visitors on your website you need to check out WV Writing Services. I tried a lot of companies out there for my writing needs and found that WV Writing Services has the best content at the best prices on the internet today.

WV Writing Services specializes in SEO article writing and are real professionals that take every measure to get the job done right. If you are searching for a company that knows what there doing and don't want to spend a fortune on your articles this is by far the best company to go with. If you want to do a search and compare first that is always recommended but I'm sure after searching you will realize you won't find another company like them that will give you affordable rates on high quality articles that real rank high with search engines. WV Writing Services have prices starting at only $3 an article. - 33396

Why You Need A Marketing Writer To Be Successful

By Sam Walls

A marketing writer is one who is able to write all your sales and marketing materials in order for them to appear professional and get you more customers.

If you are looking for work that is high-end and able to reach out to your niche audience then a marketing writer can certainly do that. They have an uncanny knowledge about the market and the pulse of your customers, the customers who are going to buy from you and leverage you, in the top league. This is because of the number of sales that the marketing writer is able to garner by reaching out to people who matter with their writing.

Your sales force will certainly find it easier to convert prospective clients into customers as the sales writing written by the marketing writer would have already set the ball rolling for you. A marketing writer has several avenues open to them professionally as lots of technical communication, advertising agencies and business houses use their expertise to propel their products. The marketing writer can greatly increase the visibility factor of your product and reach it to the right people's notice.

If you are a freelance writer then there are plenty of opportunities as a marketing writer. It is an excellent alternate line of writing. The skills that are required for you to make your mark in this arena are creativity, the ability to put your thoughts into words persuasively, technical know-how and an in-depth knowledge of what drives the market and gets the customers' attention.

Marketing writing is also called by several other names which you might be familiar with such as copywriting, commercial writing and corporate writing. Once you have positioned yourself well in the market and have built up your brand as a market writer, there will be no dearth of assignments coming your way. However until you are able to write your own professional articles you may want to leave the marketing writing to the best writers with the best affordable prices at WV Writing Services. - 33396

The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Article Marketing Your Business

By Michele Walls

Getting high quality traffic to your website in today's internet world can be extremely hard to say the least. However this is the only way for the millions of internet users to see your website out of the billions of websites on the internet. Trying to get your site highly ranked on the search engines out of the other billion people trying to do the same thing will be hard and overwhelming. Fortunately there are other ways to get the high targeted traffic you need to survive to your site.

There are many ways to get traffic to your site but almost all of them require money and time! However there is this one way that requires little money but with amazing results and it's called Article Marketing. I know what your thinking your sitting there asking yourself how is an article going to bring traffic to my site? It's simple people all over the web surf for informative information. So you have a professional who knows search engine optimization write your article about your business using keywords that the search engines will pick up. Doing that puts your article on search engines and in front of real potential buyers who will read your article and visit your site. Below are the top 5 reason's why you need to be engaging in this form of marketing your website.

1. More People See Your Site

When your articles are written by professionals you have the ability to show them off! You can put them on your website and post them to many article directories that all will link back to your website. Submit your article to all of the popular ezines and message boards and soon enough you'll have hundreds of visitors on your website.

2. It's Free To Post

Posting your articles to all of these websites and directories are free and won't cost you a penny. However if the articles are not professionally written nobody will read them and you won't get any traffic; so make sure they are written by professionals!

3. Get A Higher Search Engine Ranking

On your website put your article and have the professionals write it SEO friendly so that the search engine robots can craw your site and pick up on it. Doing this will get you ranked higher, the more you write the more you move up!

4. Great Impressions Leads to Great Reputations

By having your articles written by professionals they will give your website the sense of professionalism. This will leave great impressions on the visitors and that will make them eager to do business with you. That also encourages them to spread the word about your website bring in more visitors! You want to be seen as the best in your field and a true expert! If you follow these 4 tips then you are sure to get the results you are looking for with your business without having to spend a lot of money doing it. - 33396

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